Thursday, 6 February 2014

February.. how time whizzes by....

It's been a while since I posted.

Here's my updated tri-fold brochure.

This was made using Scribus which is an open source freeware version of MS Publisher (kinda, sorta). I think it works quite well. My design skills aren't superb obviously but I think it gets a message across.

I could kid myself that it's a tribute to Andy Warhol's Campbell Soup Cans or cite the debt it owes to Futurama but that would giving the game away wouldn't it?

Plan is to get this (or some cut down version of it) into the local primary school newsletter.
Next would be to figure out how to print a heap of 'em and distribute them somehow/somewhere.

I've also done some work on stickers and business cards to be used in personal representation and to promote repeat business. 




Print these images onto each side of a piece of A4 paper and fold into thirds to make a leaflet 99mm wide by 210mm high. 

I've worked out a scheme of charges and included some thoughts about the actual offer for the customers. (i.e. parts at cost and free quotes.)

Also I've decided to not just do computers. But I think most of the custom will be laptops.
I do have the skill, the electrical licence and the experience to fix just about any appliance (except photocopiers). But there's little to be gained from repairing any appliance that costs $10 to replace. So I won't get any toasters.

I've spent a bit of time lately working on my home workshop: tidying it and sorting out the mess. Mrs Repair Oil helped a lot here, Thanks, darl....

I fixed a Windows 8 notebook over Christmas and learned a few new things about Windows 8 as a result. (eg. the 'charms' bar... snicker, snicker...)  My impression is "lots of pretty, pretty but Windows 8 is not that different to use than Windows 7".

And I've got me a Blu Ray writer after holding out for a lo-o-ong time... (**years!!!**). It was under $100 and does a 25GB data disc in about 15 minutes.Discs can be had for $7 for ok....

I want to post some interesting repair stories on this blog so I'm on the look out for some. Till I get an audience it's hard to tell what is interesting to anyone. I don't want to discuss politics or personal issues. Just stuff about fixing things and this little business.

I'll start with a scatter gun approach and see if anyone screams or purrs....Till next time.... ;-)

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Power outage digital TV solved!

Today I installed a (very) cheap TV capture device on a Windows 7 notebook.

It was a struggle. It fought as hard as it could. But the little so and so lost.

I got it for about $30 from DSE at Strathpine. It was a returned item, so $10 off. It did not contain all the packaging, the remote control was missing.

So it was a 'bargain' .....

Here's the link to the product:

First I tried it on a Windows Vista laptop. The driver installed easily but the media software would not accept the serial number on the package label. I went to the product website in search of an answer.

Nothing about the software serial number but there was a reference to "don't use the software on Windows 7 computers since it conflicts with Windows 7 Media Centre".

I thought... this means that it will work without the dud media software on the disk if I install it on a Windows 7 computer!

So I did that next.

The tuner picks up all the standard DVB stations but doesn't do too well if you use the little portable antenna in my house. (I think I was expecting that...)

Here is a fuzzy, out of focus Loch Ness monster hunting style picture I made with my Android phone of it plugged and working. So that's proof..... :-)

It's plugged into a TV cable from the bedroom TV which I'll have to put back when this blogging is done.

Main aim here was achieved.

The number 1 kid was been glum and mopey whenever the traditonal late spring Brisbane afternoon thunderstorm causes a power outage such as last Monday. Y'see this amounts to  denial of her pleasure of afternoon ABC3 Kids Avengers or Amazing Spiderman (etc etc).

Since the shutdown of analogue TV last May little battery operated portable TV's don't work too well in that situation because they do not have digital tuning stages.

Now with charged laptop battery and a USB DVB dongle she'll be right to go. The kid whinge factor will be ameliorated! (Or to put it another way, customer satisfied!)

Wednesday, 20 November 2013


Well, this is probably a little inauspicious really..... but it's a start.

This is the first flyer for my new micro repair business.